TaiJi grown in New York City

TaiJiQuan (Yin/Yang Boxing) a.k.a "T'ai Chi" is an ancient chinese art of self-defense and well-being. It is a mind-body exercise based on the principle of relaxation. Scientific studies have shown numerous, real health benefits. Subjectively, the art can make you feel more energetic, less anxious, and more relaxed.

Yin and Yang represent the cosmic duality of Dao ("The Way"), and manifest as shadow and light, female and male, the yielding and the firm, etc. The philosophy is capitulated in the Yi Jing ("The Book of Changes") - when one polarity reaches its maximum, its complement is born from within and begins to grow; Lao Tzu's "Dao De Jing" - the softest thing in the world defeats the hardest thing in the world; and Sun Tzu's "Bing Fa" - Know yourself, know your opponent, 100 battles, 100 victories.

After a long time, the TaiJi practictioner becomes aware of their "Qi", or life energy. At this point, they may more easily avoid injury and sickness, and they become more sensitive to other peoples' "Qi". The harmonizing of this energy between individuals is practiced through "Push Hands", proficiency in this skill leads to reduced conflict in daily life and better negotiating powers.

TaiJi is not easily put into words. Can its complete meaning be comprehended from reading alone?